Adele’s On Canton 1

From boils to elaborate weddings – Adele’s has your catering needs covered !


MON –              CLOSED
TUE – THU        11AM –   9PM
FRI                     11AM – 10PM
SAT                      9AM – 10PM
SUN                     9AM –   9PM


Please check our Facebook page for daily updates and specials.

1169 Canton  St
Roswell, GA  30075

Atlanta’s Best Cajun Dining Experience

Our desire is to serve the very best Cajun food in an atmosphere that is casual, comfortable, friendly and fun! We use only quality, fresh ingredients in all our dishes. “Come hungry – leave happy”.

DINE IN               TAKE OUT             CATERING

    Brunch Served Sat & Sun – 9AM – 2PM !

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